About us

Why LabAsia?

  1. Pivotal role in the pathology supply chain. LabAsia plays the role of a pivot in the entire supply chain of diagnostics and pathology and benefits all stakeholders alike. LabAsia brings together the expertise and experience in pathology along with sales and marketing acumen and execution skills to deliver high quality diagnostic testing and superior service to the patients.
  2. Engaging the Experts. LabAsia is a brand that firmly believes in excellence in quality. To ensure desired quality, we carry out diagnostic tests by engaging the experts in the field of each faculty of pathology. This boosts the confidence of doctors and patients in diagnosis.
  3. Wide-ranging Testing Menu. LabAsia has a wide menu that covers from routine to highly specialized pathology tests. And we regularly upgrade our menu to enable its network to diagnose, treat & cure patients accurately. You name the test and we will do it in our distributed processing centers!
  4. Affordability. LabAsia pricing policy revolves around only one principle - affordability. We are not in a price war though, and our affordability is not at the cost of quality of testing and service.
  5. Compliance. LabAsia processing centers are ISO, NABL and CAP accredited.
  6. Innovation for service excellence. LabAsia is passionate to bring innovation to the play so as to serve better. We are a strong supporter of technology and are keen to leverage technology to the fullest for service excellence.
  7. Rely on LabAsia and enjoy healthy life!



  1. Provide high quality and affordable diagnostic services
  2. Offer comprehensive and up-to-date test menu
  3. Bring innovation to diagnostic services and deliver it at our patients' comfort and convenience


  1. Integrity - Be ethical, sincere, fair, objective and transparent in all our transactions
  2. Excellence - Constantly improve and innovate to deliver service excellence and delightful experience
  3. Value for the end user - Focus on patients as our end users
  4. Teamwork - Build a passionate, productive and positive team and family spirit

Our Team


Quality Control
  1. Quality control at LabAsia and its network is pursued through :
  2. Well defined standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  3. Training and enablement of professionals
  4. Conformance to national and international standards
  5. Accreditations
  6. State-of-the-art infrastructure and instruments